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Recovery is super important if you are taking your running (& body) seriously. If you want to keep on enjoying this amazing sport without getting injured, then I really advice to start with stretching & foam rolling. Here can find more information about recovery in general. 

Why stretching you might ask? Isn’t it just a ‘waste of time’? Or if you don’t really understand/know the importance of this, I highly recommend watching this video. 

If you want to take your stretching to the next level, incorporate a foam roller into your routine. Foamrolling its most important benefits is that is increases the blood flow. The better your blood flow will be, the more oxygen will be transported to your muscles and this will speed up your recovery. Don’t really know what to do/ where to start with foam rolling? 

Watch this video and do some foam roll stretches together with me! You can thank me later for your improved recovery 😉

PS: if you liked this video, please give me a thumbs up or a comment ☺️ if I notice that this helps a lot of runners, I will make some more in the future!