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Different trainings and their purposes

Running actually is a quite boring sport. You do every time the same thing. So losing motivation is very common, especially if you don’t see progress. 


It doesn’t have to be like that. In this chapter of this FREE marathon guide, I will give you more information on how you can keep running interesting AND also make progress. 


To start with, it is super important to do 80% of your runs at a low heart rate (more information why exactly you can find here). I know that 80% still sounds like a lot, but you can also spice up these trainings with going for a morning run for example. The benefits of these type of trainings you can watch here

The other 20% of your trainings should be CHALLENGING. 

And with CHALLENGING, I really mean it. Some examples on how you can make these trainings tough are tempo runs and interval trainings

But always listen to your body and don’t ignore signs of pain/ irritation. 

Oh and one more thing: don’t forget to fuel your runs! With an empty tank, you won’t be able to perform at your fullest potential. If you need some more information about this, you can watch this video OR I have also composed a very practical guide with a lot of information and examples on how you can fuel your runs.